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What Is Apostille and How it is Important

Why mea attestation is important?

All original documents/copies/papers/certificates requiring attestation or Apostille from MEA should be firstly legalized by the designated authorities of the State and Union Territories from where the document has been originated or issued. In some cases state Home Department Authentication is must like personal documents i.e. Birth Certificates/Marriage Certificates etc, Home and General Administration Department of the State Government/Union Territory from where the document is issued, are the designated authorities.

In case of educational documents and papers state HRD Authentication is must. Educational documents should first be legalized by the Education Department of the degree and certificate issuing State Government/Union Territory.

In case of Commercial Documents are to be pre-legalized by the Chambers of Commerce of state from where the document is issued. If you have not got them legalized, no problem we are here to solve it. Every state legalization has different requirements & different government bodies that can legalize your commercial documents. Give us a call or mail us or just fill a form on our website and our document attestation expert will be happy to assist you.

What Is Apostille and How it is Important

Apostille is can be done for personal documents like birth certificates /death certificates /marriage certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, etc. and educational documents i.e. degrees, diplomas, matriculation and secondary level certificates etc. Apostille is admissible in 105 member-countries of the Hague Convention. Once you get your documents apostilled, it will be recognized and accepted by the Hague Convention member countries Thus, considerably simplifying the process of attestation by making it unnecessary to get the all your documents attested for and in each of the countries individually

What is state HRD Authentication

State HRD Authentication means that each and every state of India has different formalities & different government bodies that can legalize your documents and papers. Give a call to Degree certificate attestation or mail us or just fill a form on our website and our attestation expert will call you for assistance.


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