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Certificate Attestation

We provides Certificate Attestation services for China. All the countries across the world are divided into two major sections by attestation done by Embassy or Consulate. The main distribution of countries is Hague Treaty for document apostile and the non-Hague signatory countries. When a person is preparing to go to China for job or higher study purposes his/her educational degrees, certificate and diplomas or Non-Educational Documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificates etc. requires to be attested from China Embassy or Consulate present in Delhi India. Documents and Certificate Attestation from HRD, MEA Attestation for Chinese Visas. The Government of China needs all educational/Personal documents, professional or academic certificates, issued in India to be attested by the MEA Govt of India/Consulate in China for additional attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Government before giving of Chinese Visa.

The Functions of Notary in Certificate Attestation from China Embassy

General Documents and educational certificates require to be get attested from Chinese embassy is formal purpose. First the Notary will be done on General Documents and educational certificates in India. After getting attestation from notary you have to present the certificates and documents for home department attestation in India. The certificate and documents will be attested from Home Department of state of origin of said documents in India.

The Functions of Home Department in Certificate Attestation for Chinese Visa

Firstly you need to get your Educational certificates and documents attested from Home Department of the state of the origin of said papers and then submit the documents to MEA New Delhi India. A certificate of verification by Department of Home will be issued after checking the genuineness of content of the specified certificate or document. Authentication of document is the genuinely is an correct representation of the authenticity of that specified certificate, all the procedure remain same for China certificates attesting in Delhi NCR India.

Secondly if any India based company is planning to Export or Import any commodity to or from China then it is compulsory to attest relevant papers from China Embassy or Consulate in located in Delhi India. If any Indian based company is planning to set up their business in China, then also it is compulsory to authenticate some commercial papers, connected to the set up of company, require to be attest from the Embassy of China or Chinese Consulate in established in India.

The State Human Resource Department (HRD) is authorized to attest all certificates issued by Schools, Colleges and universities functioning in the within the boundaries of State. After finishing the Document and certificate attestation process the HRD attested certificates is to be produced before the ministry of External Affairs Govt of India & China Embassy Attestation at New Delhi

MEA attestation of Papers for Chinese Visa

MEA attestation of documents is under the ministry of external affairs govt. of India New Delhi. Ministry of External Affairs will attest all the Educational certificates and general documents issued in any state of India, after getting MEA attestation seal on documents we will submit it with the China Embassy in India. It is must that HRD attestation or home department attestation should done before the MEA attestation will be done at Delhi India. MEA has duty to attests all educational certificate non education certificates, legal documents, court decree and commercial certificates issued in India.

It is pertinent to mention here that prior to the China Embassy or Consulate attestation some compulsory attestation is needed on the original documents from the involved departments of Govt of India. The detail processes of attestation from HRD, Home Department, Notary and MEA New Delhi as well as the specification of documents are examine hereunder for your ready reference. Please be knowledgeable that the below mentioned process is based on the category of papers in three major groups as Educational Documents, Non-educational Documents and Commercial Documents. Degree Certificate, Diploma Certificate, Mark Sheets etc. are the Education Certificates isseued by the colleges and universities established in India where as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate etc. are Non-educational Certificates issued by the different govt departments in India and Commercial Invoice, Letter of Origin, Memorandum of Understanding etc. are the Commercial Documents issued by the various companies Banks and other Firms.

China Embassy Attestation New Delhi India

Certificate Attestation from HRD, MEA Attestation for getting Visa to enter China. The Government of China needs all educational/Personal certificates, professional or academic, issued from India to be attested by the Ministry of External affairs / Indian Embassy / Consulate in China for before grant of China Visa. Degree Certificate and document Attestation from China Embassy or China Consulate in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata could be done as per the following process, The original Degree Certificate is needed to complete the Attestation from China Embassy or China Consulate along with passport photocopy (1st and last page) of Degree Certificate holder.

We undertake below mentioned certificates for china embassy attestation in Delhi

India originated papers which are required to be used in Shanghai, China, then it must to be legalized and attested from Embassy of China established in India. China Embassy attestation on the document establishes that document is genuine and it can be used in the China for the purpose it is derived. China Embassy Documents Attestation in Delhi NCR means the act of witnessing of the papers by the signature/seal of any person/ Government Department or authorized agency by the Government.

Educational Certificate Attestation
  • Under Graduatedegree attestation from China Embassy
  • Post Graduate degree certificateattestation from China Embassy
  • Diplomaattestation from China Embassy
  • PhD degreeattestation from China Embassy
  • Engineering degreeattestation from China Embassy
  • MBBS degreeattestation from China Embassy
  • MBA certificateattestation from China Embassy
  • Hotel management certificateattestation from China Embassy
  • Law degreeattestation from China Embassy
  • Technical certificateattestation from China Embassy
  • Professional certificateattestation from China Embassy
Non Educational Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign Affairs (FA)Attestation/Legalization from China Embassy
  • Salary CertificateAttestation from China Embassy
  • Transfer Certificate (TC)Attestation from China Embassy
  • EquivalenceCertificate from China Embassy
  • Death CertificateAttestation from China Embassy
  • Birth CertificateAttestation from China Embassy
  • Divorce CertificateAttestation from China Embassy
  • Experience/ Employment CertificateAttestation from China Embassy
  • Marriage CertificateAttestation from China Embassy
  • Medical CertificateAttestation from China Embassy
  • Single Status CertificateAttestation from China Embassy
  • Court Decreeattestation from China Embassy
  • Chamber of commerceattestation from China Embassy
  • Labor departmentattestation from China Embassy

We at Degree Certificate Attestation are doing a perfect service by ensuring safety of your valuable documents. You can visit our office at New Delhi to hire an excellent document attestation service in certificate attestation for China. Certificate attestation for China services can be availed in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and many more.

Attestation from MOFA of China

We at Degree Certificate Attestation also gives services related to certificate attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China that is MOFA of China. After attesting documents from the HRD of State and MEA New Delhi Govt of India, then they have to be attested from MOFA of China where you are planning to work or business. Please note that you might have to pay extra charges for MOFA of China.


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