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HRD and MEA Apostille

A HRD and MEA Apostille is a declaration by a witness that an instrument has been executed in his or her presence according to the formalities required by law. It is not the same as an Acknowledgment, a statement by the maker of a document that verifies its authenticity. We provide Degree Certificate Attestation from HRD & Home Department & Attestation of Ministry of External Affairs and finally from Qatar Embassy. We provide HRD and MEA Apostille Attestation in Delhi.

Degrees and Certificates HRD Attestation

Attestation of certificates by HRD – Educational Documents, Degrees and Certificates attestation by HRD is the process of authentication of educational documents in India. Each state of India has its separate HRD Attestation and authentication center for documents obtained from the educational institutes located within its boundaries. If you want your educational document degrees and certificates HRD Attestation or appostile from ministry of external affairs, then it should be first authenticated from that respective state HRD Department where university / Board / council is located from and from where the same document have issued.

We at Degree Certificate Attestation offering the services of HRD Attestation in following States

  • HRD & MEA Apostille UP HRD Attestation in Luckhnow
  • HRD & MEA Apostille Gujarat HRD Attestation Ahmadabad
  • HRD & MEA Apostille Maharashtra HRD Attestation in Mumbai
  • HRD & MEA Apostille Delhi HRD Attestation at New Delhi
  • HRD & MEA Apostille Haryana HRD Attestation in Delhi
  • HRD & MEA Apostille Tamil Nadu HRD
  • HRD & MEA Apostille All State HRD are Done here.

Documents Authentication Home Department in India

Home department Authentication – Authentication of personal document will be done by home department of each state. If you needs your personal document to be attested by ministry of external affairs New Delhi, then documents should be first authenticated from respective state Home department, where same document have originated.

We are offering the services of home department Attestation for following States
  • HRD & MEA Apostille  UP home department Apostile at Lucknow
  • HRD & MEA Apostille  Gujarat Home department Apostile at Ahmadabad
  • HRD & MEA Apostille  Maharashtra Home department Apostile in Mumbai
  • HRD & MEA Apostille  Delhi Home department Apostile at New Delhi
  • HRD & MEA Apostille  Maharashtra Home department Apostile in Pune
HRD & MEA Apostille

In a global market the world has become a small place where one can shift one place to another without any hindrance, if they prove themselves genuine. People usually go several places in the world just to roam around or for some official reasons. Similarly, some people visit other countries to get higher education, some look forward to job opportunities, some wish to settle down and many so on. To fulfill all such reasons you need to follow some processes where you need to prove yourself an authenticated person. Attestation of a document is necessary whenever you travel anywhere out of your country as this is the legal necessity, which follows a process so that no issues takes place while your period of stay in that country. You necessitate the document attestation any time in a path of life, for number of reasons like: some medical emergency, want to study abroad, for job, need to shift and so on. For all this, everyone require to do some documentation.


HRD & MEA Apostille

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HRD & MEA Apostille

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