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Saudia Arabia Apostille, Certification & Authentication - India Legalization

Saudia Arabia is a member of the Hague Convention. It is a convention that eradicates the official necessity of certification of documents in order to be eligible for use abroad or in a foreign country. Degree Certificate Apostille is a relatively new firm based in Delhi NCR is in the business of documents apostille and attestation. It provides document legalization services for its client across India. Degree Certificate attestation Apostille helps business houses, Individual, companies and export houses to get Apostilles for their commercial and personal documents to use in Saudia Arabia.

Degree Certificate Attestation Apostille legalizes two types of documents

Educational Documents

Educational documents are documents issued from educational institutes functioning in India like Universities, Colleges, Schools and Education Boards. Educational document like Diplomas, Masters, and University Degree....etc. needs HRD attestation to prove the eligibility of it. Once Degree Certificate Attestation Apostille receives your documents, it takes few business days to get its Apostille from the MEA govt of India.

Personal Documents

Personal Documents have to be notarized first then it will be attested by the home department of State in which the document was issued. Personal documents include Vital Records authentication likes Birth, Death, divorce and Marriage...etc. To acquire personal documents Apostille for usage in Saudia Arabia, the client has to make sure first that your documents were notarized from a Notary Public. The documents must be legalized from the home department in which State the document was issued. Then, Degree Certificate Attestation Apostille offers to get Apostille for your document from the MEA Govt of India in New Delhi.

Degree Certificate attestation is nationally known and widely used by many small and large companies for their legal, personal and commercial documents attestation requirements. We pride ourselves in our stellar reputation with foreign embassies established in Delhi. Degree Certificate attestation has the talent, commitment, ingenuity and dedication to get your documents certified fast and right from the genuine authorities.

Degree Certificate Attestation is a private agency that expedites the authentication, legalization, and certification of documents.