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Apostille services Delhi

Apostille is a procedure for legalising the documents passed through Hague Convention in 1961. It is compulsory for every individual to get Apostille and Attestation stamp on their educational and personal certificate to use it in menmber coutries or signatory of Hague Convention 1961. Our Apostille services in Delhi will help you to complete all the procedures needed to get Apostille Attestation stamp on your documents / certificates. Degree Certificate Attestation Delhi provides Apostille Attestation services to help you in completing all the procedures required for Apostille Attestation on all types of certificates or documents. We provide genuine MEA Apostille services Delhi NCR at affordable rates.

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Apostille of Documents

India is a member of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 from 2005, This convention abolished the need of legalization of foreign public documents or papers. Apostille is acceptable and honored by 105 member-countries of the Convention. Apostille can be done for documents like birth/death/marriage certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney and educational papers like degree, diploma, matriculation and secondary level certificates etc. Document Apostilled by one member country is acceptable to all the other 104 nations signed the convention of 1961 thus greatly easing the process of attestation by making it needless to get the documents attested in each or for each of the nations individually. We provide Apostille Services Delhi India.

The Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi attests only original documents or true copies of documents to use abroad for various purposes. Two different types of Attestation done by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) New Delhi namely:

Different types of non-educational certificate Apostille are:

  • Birth certificate Apostille.
  • Marriage certificate Apostille.
  • Experience certificate Apostille.
  • Death certificate Apostille.
  • Transfer certificate Apostille.
  • Divorce Decree / certificate Apostille.

Different types of educational certificate Apostille are:

  • Degree certificate Apostille.
  • Diploma certificate Apostille.
  • SSSC certificate Apostille.
  • HSC certificate Apostille.
Normal Attestation of Documents
Apostille Services Delhi

The Normal Attestation of documents is done for all other countries which are not a signatory of Hague Convention and where Apostille is not approved.

Procedure for Attestation/Apostille

A. E-sanad: E-Sanad is a web portal aimed at online submission/verification of documents. CBSE Documents of 2014 and onwards would be accepted through e-sanad web portal only. Physical copy of CBSE documents after 2014 would not be submitted on counter for attestation / apostille after 5 June 2017.

B. Attestation/apostille of documents not covered under E-sanad: Authentication of documents: All original documents or true copies are required for attestation or Apostille. These documents should be first validated by the appropriate authorities of the State and Union Territory from where the document has been originated. Personal documents, should be first attested from Home/General Administration Department of the concerned State Government/Union Territory by the appropriate authorities. If documents are educational, then the documents should first be validated by the HR Department of the concerned State Government/Union Territory. All Commercial and business documents should be pre-validated by the respective Chambers of Commerce.


Apostille Services Delhi

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