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Attesting Indian Documents for UAE

Attesting Indian Documents for UAE

  • Do you require an Indian document attested for use in the UAE?
  • Forget all the problems you have perceived about.
  • Forget about the horror of flying back to India and standing in queues for days.

Certified UAE-Dubai Embassy Certificate Attestation Services

Forget about the concern that something was managed wrongly. If you choose Degree Certificate attestation to manage all your document attestation from HRD, MEA and UAE embassy New Delhi, we handle everything so you don't have to worry. The Indian Attestation process is different from many other countries in the world, as UAE doe not accept or issue Apostilles. Instead, UAE have a similar process called “Authentication and Legalisation”, which is needed to get all types of documents attested for use in the UAE. Send your documents to Degree Certificate Attestation or have them collected by our expressly allocated couriers companies. We will have them sent safely to New Delhi, India, where two things will occur:

1. Authentication – The verified and notarized Trade documents will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once these documents approved, a seal of Authentication will be affixed to the back of document.

2. Legalisation – Then, these trade document will be sent to the UAE Embassy in New Delhi, where they will add a Certificate of Legalisation.

How to Legalize Your Degree for the United Arab Emirates

Finally, your trade documents will be sent to the UAE and attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), before being return back to you safe and sound after legalization and authentication. The procedure of attestation and legalization is quite standard yet there can be some changes in process depending on the type of documents and the state in which the document was originated. For example, for University Degrees, the UAE Embassy needs a copy of the transcripts to be sent to them directly from the educational institution from where you acquired the degree. These manuscripts will not be returned, as they will be kept by the UAE Embassy in New Delhi.

Some types of documents may also need Notarisation before they can be Authenticated and Legalised by the MEA govt of India and UAE Embassy. This means the signatures on your documents will require to be endorsed by a notary public or a lawyer, who will then affix a signed notary seal on the document to show that it is genuine. The process of "Authentication and Legalisation" from MEA govt of India and Embassy of UAE can then proceed.

UAE Embassy Attestation New Delhi and Mumbai

1. Attestation of all types of documents from UAE embassy / consulate in India can be needed mostly due to following reasons:

If someone is applying for a job visa to work in UAE or if someone wants to pursue higher studies in UAE. UAE based companies ask for attestation of educational and general documents from UAE consulate or embassy in India for work visa. These documents may be college degrees and certificates or any other educational and professional documents i.e. Secondary School certificate, Senior Secondary School certificate, bachelor or master degree, diplomas, computer certificate, experience certificate, driving licence, and character certificate etc.

2. If Someone is planning to get married in UAE or trying to bring family in UAE on residence visa

UAE govt. Authorities will ask for many documents attested from UAE consulate or embassy in India. if someone is planning to get married in UAE or trying to get family residence visa for UAE. Following documents are required marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, divorce certificate etc.

3. Attestation of documents for doing business in UAE or with UAE based companies from India

Attestation of many business related documents from UAE consulate or embassy in India is also needed by various authorities in UAE. These documents required UAE embassy Attestation are Trade / commerce related documents and Power of Attorney etc.