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Visa Stamping

The visa stamp placed in your passport by a Country’s Consulate shows the period during which you may enter that country. If the date on the visa stamp expires while you are in that country, it need not be renewed until after you leave the country and wish to return again, provided that you maintain your legal status throughout your entire stay in the Country.

This means that you must possess a valid visa document at all times.

Visa Assistance services

There are more than 3000 approved manpower agencies in India for employment visa services for gulf countries. Only few are authorized for visa endorsement done from the various Embassies of gulf countries. Our competence and professional working made Degree Certificate Attestation is capable to be among that very few in Delhi NCR. Degree Certificate Attestation is designate for VISA ENDORSEMENT from Delhi Embassy and Mumbai Consulate from various countries. By this capability of ours both the Employers and Employees are helped to get the all the Visa formalities done in the specified time.

We offer Visa Stapming Services in Delhi NCR

Visa stamping Services Delhi NCR

Affordable Visa Stamping by degree certificate attestation is a process in which visa is endorsed on the passport. We are one of the top visa stamping services doing Visa Stamping services for Kuwait, Saudi, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Nigeria, Italy, Australia and many other countries.

A visa is a paper displaying that a person is allowed to enter the country for which it was issued, subject to consent of immigration officials at the time of entry. The entry approval may be a paper, but more commonly it is a stamp affixed on the applicant's passport. Many countries do not need a visa in some conditions. The country issuing the visa usually affix many conditions of stay in the country, Like the territory covered by the visa, dates of validity, period of stay, whether the visa is multi entry etc.

A visa normally allows non-citizens approval to enter a country and to remain there within stated constraints, it may be a time restricted entry, there may be a limit on the time can be spent in the country, and there is a prohibition against employment if visa is not a job or work visa. Visas are related with the request for permission to enter a country.

Entry and duration period

Normally Visas are single-entry which means the visa will be cancelled as soon as the holder leaves the country. If visa is for double-entry, or multiple-entry it permits multiple entries into the country with the same visa no more visa is required. Some countries also issues re-entry permits that allow temporarily leaving the country without invalidating the visa. Business visas are normally not allowed the holder to work in the visiting country without an additional work permit. Once issued, a visa will typically have to be used within a certain period of time.

  • Visit visa
  • Transit visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Student visa
  • Business visa
  • Job visa
  • Residence visa


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