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UAE Embassy Attestation of Police Clearance Certificate

If you are looking for urgent Police Clearance Certificate attestation for UAE in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai or anywhere within India, call Degree Certificate Attestation at 9911876394 or just send your Name, Email, Mobile number in the query section of this website page and get your PCC Attestation for UAE.

Police Clearance Certificate for Qatar

Now PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) is also compulsory for Qatar Embassy Certificate attestation as per the latest amendments to the rules which have been enforced recently. PCC or Police Clearance Certificate is an official paper that is issued by state police or government department of a country to specify any criminal records that the PCC applicant may or may not have in the country he or she resided or residing presently. You will have to draft a letter to embassy asking for a PCC and that you are authorizing Degree Certificate Attestation to collect it on your behalf. The Criminal Evidences and Information Department, approving that the candidate has never participate in any criminal activity that led to the engagement of the Qatar Police, and is also needed when an applicant applies for an immigration status to other countries from New Delhi India or Qatar. Candidate submitting form for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is required to mention the period of stay in Qatar or any other country he resided. A document of stay is to be given to prove along with the PCC application form in Qata

Police Clearance Certificate Procedure residing in Qatar

One must send a written revelation request to Ministry of Interior, Qatar. The applicant should provide his or her full name, date and place of birth, and place and period of all residences in the Qatar, including full addresses. Candidate must apply with form filled with personal particular given by our company for Police Clearance Certificate. The police clearance certificate form will be send to the forwarding address as mentioned by the candidate in the PCC application. The Criminal Evidences and Information Department (CEID) takes 3-4 weeks to take action on the PCC application if no criminal record found.

Police Clearance Certificate, PCC Attestation for UAE New Visa Rule 2018

Starting from next February 2018, there will be big advances to the UAE’s visa system in the form of a brand new necessity of incoming job seekers to prove they do not have a criminal record, in either their country of origin or previous country of residence for last 5 years. UAE govt agencies announced the harsh new security checks from Feb 4, 2018. From Feb 2018 all those asking a United Arab Emirates job visa will require to secure a Good Conduct and Behavior Certificate / Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). The purpose of new rule is to help in protecting the country’s national security and create a safer community in UAE. But just getting Police clearance certificate is not the only the thing required, because according to New Visa Rule for UAE all who are planning to obtain a UAE job visa requires to have a PCC Attestation for UAE Embassy New Delhi. Presently, sponsored family members and visit visa applicants are exempted from this new rule.

What Is a PCC / Police Clearance Certificate?

For UAE Visa applicant Police Clearance Certificate is must, PCC is a copy of their criminal record if any. And if there is no criminal then it is a declaration of the absence of any criminal record. Any visa applicant whether he or she is a local or deportee are assumed to obtain the Police clearance certificate. Police clearance certificates are different in each country and it may be known as good conduct certificates, police certificates, PCC, judicial record extracts etc. The Police clearance certificate is issued by police authorities or government home departments and used by citizenship and immigration departments to stop individuals who can create law and order situation, from entering the country. PCC are now is compulsory for securing a work visa in UAE and it is already must in countries like Canada, Belgium, and Australia.

How to do Police Clearance Certificate attestation for UAE in India?

Once the UAE Job visa applicant gets the PCC, then as per the UAE immigration rules it has to be attested by the UAE Embassy at New Delhi in India. PCC attestation from UAE embassy takes a lot of time and energy hence we gets the PCC attestation job done on your behalf in the shortest time possible and at the minimal cost. If you are looking for urgent PCC attestation for UAE in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai or anywhere within India call us.


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