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Certificate Attestation

Our name defines our services as a fast and reliable attestation services for any kind of certificate attestations from different embassies. If you are in thinking of a reliable Embassy Attestation services in Delhi, then we are the one stop solution service center to cater all your attestation needs. We provide Certificate Attestation Services both educational and non-educational certificates Document. The UAE is an attractive location for persons who are searching jobs to work abroad. Many Indian citizens are relocating to Dubai and other cities in the UAE for temporary or permanent jobs.

Certificate Attestation
Certificate Attestation
Certificate Attestation

Quality Certified Translation Services in New Delhi

Arabic documents translation and interpretation services have been Degree Certificates Attestation’s first and champion in the field of translation over the years. Degree Certificates Attestation New Delhi has earned a good prestige in operating translation work for a broad variety of texts. We at Degree Certificates Attestation New Delhi proudly boast of having brought featured services with 99.99% success rate.

We at Degree Certificates Attestation New Delhi have been managing varied small as well as largest projects related to export-import documentation, marketing, advertising, tenders & bids, law patents, software, environment, medicine, machinery, social projects, telecom, politics, economy, culture etc. It is needless to say that excellent translators are the key to an excellent translation.
Certificate Attestation

Apostille Services

An Apostille is a type of attestation in which educational certificates and general documents are legalized in a specific format that is admissible in all countries those signed the Hague Convention. Basically, Apostille is an international attestation on documents that is acceptable in about 92 nations, and most of the western world admits Apostille.

Apostille stamp is a square shaped computer generated sticker stamp, pasted on back side of the educational certificate or general document by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, Government of India. This is an exclusive computer generated stamp having a particular identification number, by which any Hague Convention member country can check its genuineness online. Under normal conditions, once the document is apostilled by the MEA govt of India New Delhi, it does not need to be attested additionally from the embassy of concerned country where the applicant is going. If an educational degree of general document is apostilled by MEA govt of India New Delhi, it does not needs to be attested.

Certificate Attestation

Saudi Employment Visa Stamping

Degree Certificate Attestation has latest updated information for Saudi Arabia entry visa requirements from the Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Delhi India. If you require a work/employment Saudi visa or any other Saudi visa to enter Saudi Arabia, smart step to do is to call us Saudi Visa Stampin in Delhi India.

The Saudi visa process is multipart and lengthy, we have listed all required information and requirements for Saudi visa stamping, in order to make your journey an easy and problem-free. Degree certificate attestation experienced staff will be here to support and guide you step-by step in for your Saudi Arabia visa or legalization of documents from Saudi Embassy in Delhi.

Language Translation Services agency in Delhi Mumbai India

We at Degree Certificates Attestation make use of the services of only qualified and experienced native language expert translators who are highly qualified in translation and works as scholars, teachers, professors, lawyers, engineers, embassy professionals. Specially, when it comes to document translation services, we make use of highly capable local language speakers so as to guarantees a good quality in translation while embracing the local taste. All our translation services team members are native speakers with proven track record and good academic characters. We give priority on managing all documents with total caution and respect the trust you place upon us by handing over your company's confidential documents.

Our document translation team specializes in technical, medical, legal, IT related, patent and commercial translations and take pleasure of large number of expert translators and language specialists. Our attention lies only in good quality translation, flexibility and customer service. Our established Total Quality Method TQM) guarantees that our clients will receive high quality document translations services in all languages.

HRD & Home Department in Delhi NCR

HRD attestation is the process of validation of informative record. Degree Certificate Attestation is accessible in the every state of India. On the off chance that the informative records requires to get bear witness to from service of outer issues, then it needs to be first certify from that independent state HRD Department where college/Board/university is located from and from where the same informative records have issued.

Human Resource Development assumes a fundamental part in applying for jobs, or for further studies abroad. The HRD authentication needs original Degrees and Certificates along with mark sheets. Whether you have to go for higher studies or do job in other nations, HRD validation is required.

When you got the HRD Attestation stamp on your documents, then needs Ministry of External affairs attestation. Embassy Attestation is done to be done in the last. With both Educational certificates and general testaments, HRD/HOME DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Attestation is gradually picking up understanding and has turned into a central point in the authentication and legalization system.

Know who we are and what we do

The UAE is an attractive location for persons who are searching jobs to work abroad. Many Indian citizens are relocating to Dubai and other cities in the UAE for temporary or permanent jobs. Many companies are actively advertising to recruit Indian educated staff due to their low cost, expirence and recognized educational degrees.

When offered Job in the UAE you will asked to get your educational degrees, certificates and diplomas formally legalized or attested from the UAE embassy Delhi NCR. Our UAE Embassy attestation service guarantees that your papers will be correctly issued with the apostille and then stamped by the embassy of UAE in Delhi. Our fully inclusive document attestation service gives you with peace of mind that your papers will be accepted when you present them to your employer for processing your UAE job visa.

HRD Attestation Services in India

MEA Apostille Stamp Services

Degree Certificate Attestation provides professional document authentication and business services of apostille. Our legalization services help clients to obtain an apostille or an embassy attestation on their Educational and general documents in Delhi India. An apostille or embassy Stamping certifies the authenticity of Educational certificates and personal documents issued in India, before they can be accepted by foreign government and business establishments outside India.

Authentication of professional and educational certificates involves many bureaucratic stages, making it a cumbersome and confusing process. Our document attestation experts have dealt thousands of apostille and authentication cases in embassies of different countries and use their experience to review the requirements for each document for getting attestation done by various embassies in Delhi and Mumbai. We undertake document apostille and authentication on behalf our customer, it reduces the turnaround time and making the entire process of attestation fast, efficient and effortless. Our Certificate attestation experts specialize in the legalization of wide variety of documents including educational degrees and diplomas, transcripts, marriage and birth certificates, personal and court documents and police reports and corporate documents of all types.

Embassy Attestation Services Delhi India

Apostille Attestation delhi

We at Degree certificate attestation guarantee you will get the best rates for attesting or apostille of documents in Delhi India. We are located in the New Delhi, and have vast network of trusted agents, and business associates and franchises across India, all in close proximity to government departments and public offices. This allows us to offer the most competitive rates on the market.

We also offer discounted prices for corporate customers and customers who require authentication and apostille on multiple documents. Degree Certificate Attestation has been providing Apostille and Embassy Legalization services for last 3 years.

Why choose our Translation or Interpretation services?

  • We are a team of proficient and Chinese language interpreters.
  • We guarantee the best quality translation work with high degree of competence.
  • We give authentic and trusted Chinese language interpretation of your conversation.
  • Our client for Chinese language translation includes businesses, legal firms, medical organizations, engineering and the hospitality industry.
  • We interpret and translate with the necessary “human touch” to assure the spirit of the letter of your dialogue within the cultural background of both languages.
  • The document/paper is translated by a proficient Chinese Language translator, who is a local language speaker with experience in the field.
  • The translated document/paper is then reconsidered by another Chinese language translator to guarantees correctness of the translated document paper.
  • After reassessing the document/paper, we make alterations in case of any correction needed to improve the understandability of the translated document paper.
Certificate Attestation

Apostille Attestation

Apart from the Human Resource Department and Ministry of Eternal Affairs and respective country Embassy attestations Degree Certificate Attestation has started the Apostille attestation service. We work as per the treaty of the Hague Conference for member countries

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We Serve our Customers for Every Language & Especially for

  • Arabic translation
  • French translation
  • Spanish translation
  • Portuguese translation
  • Vietnamese translation
  • Turkish translation
  • English translation
  • Chinese translation
  • Italian translation
  • German translation
  • Greek translation
  • Indonesian translation
  • Urdu translation
  • Hindi translation


HRD Attestation Services

This is the best UAE Embassy Attestation agency for all types of document attestation, translation and visa stamping

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All Right is authentic, trustworthy & genuine Embassy Attestation Service provider. Pure professionalism with your life's valuable documents.

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